Get a Perfect Butt at Home: The Best Glute Machines


The Best Machines for Glutes & Butt Sculpting in 2023

TOMSLEADExercise has become a crucial aspect of daily life, promoting overall fitness and a toned physique. The glutes, which make up a significant portion of the posterior muscle group, play a key role in hip joint movement. Therefore, it is important to focus on toning and strengthening these muscles.

Asides from having good butt aesthetics, strong glutes provide stability to the pelvis and serve as the foundation of the lower body, working in conjunction with the thigh muscles.

Neglecting to train the glutes can result in decreased power in the hips and thighs and can often lead to lower back pain. There are various exercises that target the glutes, and many machines are available to enhance movement and maximize the effectiveness of these exercises. These machines are an effective means of toning and strengthening the glutes.

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What Are The Best Glute Machines?

1. Glute and ham developer

Glute and ham developer

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The Nordic hamstring curl strap is a personal trainer-designed equipment that provides stability, speed, and comfort during your workout. The stabilized machine strap is combined with a 1.5" rubberized door anchor to keep you focused and off the floor, with an ultra-thick comfort pad that won't dig into your legs. It is easy to set up, taking only 10 seconds, and is adjustable to your shoe size, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The belt strap slips under the door and connects to work like a weight to keep your feet on the floor. Athletes, runners and lifters all agree that it is an effective equipment for at-home workouts that cannot be compared to other equipment. The Nordstick ensures you safely and correctly perform reps across the highest results-driving exercises, making it a must-have piece of home gym equipment or travel fitness equipment for sit-ups, core training, razor curls, Spanish squats, core twists, and more.

2. Hip thrust machine

Hip thrust machine

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This workout station is a must-have for any home or commercial gym. It targets the legs, hips, and abdomen to aid in weight loss and slimming. Extremely versatile, it can be used for exercises such as deep sissy squats, band squats, forward lunges, push-ups, and more. It's not just a squat machine, it's a 3-in-1 machine that can also function as a hip thrust machine and push-up machine, saving you space and money. The machine features 5-position height adjustment, making it suitable for all body types. Additionally, the front of the machine has rollers for easy movement and storage.

3. Leg press and hack squat machine

Leg press and hack squat machine

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The machine features a convenient flip-and-lock mechanism that allows for quick and easy switching between exercises. The flip and lock pads, along with the diamond plate foot platform, provide stability and support during use. The quad track roller system ensures smooth operation and even weight distribution, with a capacity of up to 1000lbs. An exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty is also included, providing 100% coverage for all parts and labor forever.

4. Ankle strap

Ankle strap

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Made of 100% Neoprene, these ankle cuffs are designed for ultimate comfort. Tired of old, smelly, and flimsy gym ankle straps, we created the most comfortable ankle cuff specifically for women. Say goodbye to germs and other people's sweat and say hello to your own cute and comfy ankle straps for leg day. These ankle cuffs will help tone and burn your legs by allowing for new and fun exercises such as cable kickbacks, cable hip abduction and adduction, cable leg mountain climbers, cable lunges, inner and outer thigh contractions, and many more. Improve your leg workouts and see the difference in strength and appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

5. Cable machine

Cable machine

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The machine is highly adjustable with dual 200 lb. weight stacks and 19 settings spaced at 3.5 inches each, suitable for use by the entire family. The 2:1 stack to resistance ratio allows for true isolateral based movements and the split grip pull-up bar allows for pull-up and chin-ups. The machine offers a wide range of exercises such as rows (low, mid, high), incline press, chest press, pec fly, bicep curls, triceps press down, golf swing, leg extension, leg curls, and more. It also includes interchangeable accessories such as 8" hand straps (2), 17" long strap handles (2), 23" triceps rope, two bars (8” and 17’), leg extension leg curl strap and ankle strap, which makes it even more versatile. The machine is built with a strong 11-gauge steel mainframe and smooth commercial grade pull-up rig and pulley system.

6. Hula Fitness Hoop

Hula Fitness Hoop

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The Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands is an effective way to exercise multiple parts of the body at the same time, targeting the waist, buttocks, legs, and arms. The stepper's twisting motion helps burn fat, tone the body, and improve cardiovascular and aerobic function. The machine is equipped with quiet hydraulic brackets and extended pedals. The pedals are 28.5CM*11CM wide with PVC anti-slip patterns, and a protruding frame design to ensure safety during exercise. An LCD monitor is also included, which allows you to track your exercise time, steps, steps per minute, and calories burned, making your exercise more scientific. Note: To reset, long press the button.

7. FLYBIRD Full Body Workout

FLYBIRD Full Body Workout

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The FLYBIRD abdominal machine utilizes the new BOTTOM-UP movement method to target belly fat and speed up core strengthening, engaging up to 80% of muscle groups at once. This method of training also helps protect the neck and back from extra strain during workout. The machine is specifically designed for those looking to lose stubborn body fat, gain strength, and build a desirable body shape. It can be used to target the waist, abdomen, arms, back, legs, and hips. The machine is also versatile, with 4 inclined angles and 5 adjustable heights, allowing for customization of workout intensity to suit different fitness levels, from beginner to expert.

8. Bowflex Elliptical Trainer

Bowflex Elliptical Trainer

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Max is a full-body workout machine that combines the low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning power of a stepper. It activates muscle and helps burn calories efficiently, providing the cardio benefits of interval training in as little as 14 minutes. The unique burn rate display shows the number of calories burned per minute and sets activity level targets to keep you motivated. Target zone and burn rate indicators help you achieve your fitness goals. The interactive backlit display features 2 workout programs and 8 resistance levels for a personalized workout experience.

9. Pilates Bar Kit

Pilates Bar Kit

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The Pilates Exercise Bar is designed for advanced Pilates fitness and combines a pilates bar with removable resistance bands for a new style of Pilates training. The home gym kit offers a variety of training programs including Yoga, Pilates, and resistance band exercises. The exercise stick is made of three steel pipes and covered with soft foam for a firm grip. It is detachable and lightweight, making it a great portable workout kit for use at home, gym, office, or while traveling. It is suitable for full body fitness, perfect for common core exercises such as stretching, weightlifting, lunges, and squats, as well as targeting muscle groups in the back, legs, hips, shoulders, and arms. The kit comes with 2 sets of elastic resistance bands with anti-slip foot straps, 20lbs and 30lbs. The simple carabiner connection allows for easy replacement of resistance bands and even stacking of bands (20+30 lbs per side) for more resistance exercises.

10. FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

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We have been designing and producing fitness equipment for 20 years, with a focus on weight benches. Our designers work closely with professional fitness coaches to develop and test our products before they are shipped.

Our 2022 high-quality bench is made of commercial-grade steel, able to withstand thousands of weight tests to ensure safety for each workout. It features a fashionable and adjustable design with a triangle structure, and has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, providing a stable and secure workout experience. The bench is designed with 6 back positions and 4 seat positions for full-body workouts, and easy to adjust with a simple pull of the support bar. The bench is also cost-effective, featuring a 9.7-inch wide backrest, filled with soft foam and covered in high-quality leather, it is comfortable and fits people up to 5.9 inches tall. Additionally, the bench is foldable, easy to store, and doesn't require assembly. It can be easily stored in a corner, closet or under the bed after use, saving up to 80% space.

11. Exercise stationary bike

Exercise stationary bike

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The Cyclace exercise bike is a stable and safe option for indoor cycling. It is built with thickened steel, a triangular frame, 36lbs flywheel, and a belt-driven system that can support up to 330lbs, providing a smooth and quiet workout experience. This makes it a great choice for a home gym.

The bike is effective in burning fat, building core muscles, strengthening the heart, and reducing injuries. It features multi-grip handlebars, adjustable resistance, and can be used by both beginners and professionals.

It is also a personalized stationary bike, with a longer adjustable seat support post, 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar, and 4-way adjustable seat for people with inseam measurements between 28-39 inches. The bike is also equipped with wheels for easy movement.

The LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while cycling, allowing you to monitor your progress and stay motivated. You can also put your phone on the holder to watch videos while cycling. The comfortable seat cushion allows for longer workout sessions.

12. Fitlaya Fitness ab Machine

Fitlaya Fitness ab Machine

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The Fitlaya Fitness ABS machine is a professional-level machine designed for ab and core workouts. It features a curve track and separated sliders design that involves more muscles for an improved workout.

The machine is easy to assemble, taking less than 5 minutes to set up, and can be easily folded when not in use, saving space.

The machine is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, high-quality knee cushion, and foam-covered handgrips, ensuring durability and comfort during workout. It can support weight up to 440 lbs.

It has 4 different resistance levels that can be adjusted to target specific muscle groups such as the thigh, crus, and abdominal muscles, maximizing workout efficiency.

An LCD display shows the calories burned, workout time, and repetitions, allowing you to monitor your progress and stay motivated during your workout.

13. Kupoge Pro Leg Stretcher

Kupoge Pro Leg Stretcher

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The Ergonomic Leg Extension Machine is designed to accommodate all body types. It features an all-steel structure with reinforced steel pipes, high-quality hardware accessories, and a super-strong base. The bold levers and durable PP engineered handwheels allow you to push your flexibility to the next level.

The machine allows you to challenge your limits, with the ability to widen the leg pads and remove the wheel cranks for a deeper reach, to improve the flexibility of your thigh and back muscles.

You can use this machine to improve your flexibility and strength, ideal for a variety of people who want to take their posture to the next level.

14. Hamstring Stretcher Device

Hamstring Stretcher Device

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The hamstring and calf stretcher is an ideal solution for those looking to alleviate pain and tightness in the lower body. It is easy to use, allowing you to stretch on your own and without the need for a partner. This device is perfect for stretching the hamstrings, calves, knees, groin, hips, back, glutes, and more.

Made with a durable steel frame, this lightweight and portable stretcher is built to last and can be used anywhere. It includes an instructional card with tips on positioning and use, making it easy for anyone to use.

This stretching strap is suitable for people of all ages and activity levels. It is popular among doctors, physical therapists, professional athletes, weekend warriors, dancers, yogis, and seniors because it effectively stretches the hamstring and calf at the same time. It is also a great knee and lower back stretcher that helps relieve tight and short Iliotibial (IT) band tissues.

15. COBA GLUTE Trainer


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The COBA Glute trainer is scientifically proven to increase glute muscle activation and minimize use of quadriceps and knees, due to its unique counterbalance design (7% incline). It allows you to perform 8 premier glute exercises that you typically do at the gym, now in the privacy of your own home, with one easy-to-use device.

It is commercial grade, lightweight and easy to store, making it convenient for use in any size room or home gym. It is more effective than squats in activating the largest muscle group in your body, the glute muscles. The COBA Glute trainer targets the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, providing unparalleled benefits in activating these muscle groups.

It is the only portable equipment that allows you to achieve these results without the need for a gym membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the glute muscles do?

The glutes, or gluteal muscles, are the muscles that make up the buttocks region. These muscles are comprised of three groups: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. All of these muscles play a critical role in movement at the hip joint, allowing for actions such as walking, running, and jumping.

They are responsible for extending, rotating, and adducting the hip and play a significant role in maintaining balance and stability of the pelvis. Training the glutes can improve overall fitness, as well as provide aesthetic benefits, as they are often considered an important muscle group for physical appearance.

Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three gluteal muscles, and as its name suggests, it is responsible for giving shape and volume to the buttocks. This muscle is responsible for hip extension, an essential movement in daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs. It also plays a major role in activities that require force such as running and jumping.

In addition, the gluteus maximus works in concert with other muscles in the body such as the piriformis, obturator internus, and others to rotate the thigh away from the midline of the body. This muscle plays a vital role in maintaining balance and stability of the pelvis and lower body, making it an important muscle group to train for overall fitness and performance.

Gluteus medius

The gluteus medius is responsible for hip abduction, meaning it is responsible for moving the leg away from the midline of the body. It also helps in stabilizing the pelvis during walking and running, and is crucial for proper movement of the hips and legs. Without a strong gluteus medius, individuals may experience pain in the hips and lower back, as well as difficulty in performing everyday activities.

Gluteus minimus

It is responsible for the internal and external rotation of the thigh and also helps in abduction of the hip. The gluteus minimus is also involved in maintaining stability of the pelvis during movement and is activated during exercises such as squats, lunges, and leg lifts. Overall, the gluteus minimus plays a crucial role in maintaining proper posture and balance while performing daily activities.

In summary, the gluteus muscles, made up of the maximus, medius, and minimus, are responsible for movement at the hip joint, including hip extension, rotation of the thigh, and maintaining the pelvis during movement. They play a vital role in our daily activities, as well as in activities that require force such as running and climbing. Keeping them in good shape can help to prevent pain and injuries in the lower back, hips, and legs.

What are the best glute exercises?

squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, and glute bridges. These exercises target the different glute muscles and help to build strength and tone in the buttocks area. It is also important to note that proper form and technique should be used to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of the exercises. Incorporating glute exercises into a regular workout routine can greatly improve overall fitness and help to achieve a stronger and more toned lower body.

Leg extended hip thrust

This is a powerful glute isolation exercise

  1. The first step is you lie on your back with your knees at a 90-degree position
  2. Place your arms by your sides and your palms facing down on your mat
  3. Straighten one leg while squeezing your glutes and pushing upwards to the ceiling
  4. Switch legs and repeat

Single leg step-ups

  1. The right positioning is very crucial here, standing upright with the back straight.
  2. Place your hands on your waist
  3. Place one of your legs on the bench adjacent, in a 90-degree position while keeping the other straight
  4. Put your body weight through the left leg while pushing the right foot at the same time
  5. Maintain that same position in the air for a second
  6. Return to normal position and repeat with a different leg

Fire hydrant

  1. Place both your knees and hands on the gym mat, with the hand’s shoulder-width apart
  2. A resistance band can be used to keep the knees in position
  3. With your back kept straight and your eyes directly on the floor, you can now begin
  4. Lift one leg away from the body at a 45-degree angle while still maintaining the other leg at a 90-degree angle
  5. Return the leg slowly back to the starting position and repeat with the othe

Side squats

  1. Position yourself in a semi-squatted position by bending the knees and also with a resistance band just below the knees
  2. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart
  3. Keep your back straight and your abs tight
  4. Step wide to one side while still in the squat position, and return to the starting position
  5. Side squat wide in the other direction and then back to the center

Glute bridges

  1. Lie with your back flat on the mat
  2. Place your hands on your waist or hold a dumbbell for added intensity
  3. Position your legs at 45 degrees while resting your heels on the mat
  4. Lift yourself upwards driving your body weight through your heels
  5. Remain in the same position for a few seconds and return back (source)

How often should I train my glutes and legs?

It's important to note that everyone is different and may have different goals or fitness levels. It's best to consult with a personal trainer or physical therapist to create a workout plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. It's also important to gradually increase the intensity and volume of your workouts to prevent injury and to allow your body to adapt to the new demands placed on it.

How do I activate my glute muscles more?

These exercises target the glute muscles and help to wake them up, making them stronger and more active during daily activities and other exercises. It's essential to include these exercises in your workout routine to ensure optimal muscle activation and prevent potential health issues. Additionally, it's important to perform these exercises with proper form to get the most out of them and avoid injury.

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