Review of 10 Best Home Sports Equipment Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Exercising is mandatory for everyone. Not only to lose weight, exercise is also done to maintain body fitness to stay healthy and free from many diseases. It doesn't have to be in the morning, whenever you have time, you can exercise. You also don't have to exercise at the gym, you can do it at home accompanied by exercise equipment at home. Have you ever done this before? Just try it, you will definitely get good benefits for your body.

The Best Home Exercise Equipment
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Talking about sports at home, you also have to prepare sports equipment that you can use. Of course, there are a lot of these tools, so you can adapt them to your needs. Because of course there will be different tools for toning muscles with tools for sports to lose weight. All need to adjust the purpose and usability of the tool. Well, for those of you who are curious about sports equipment at home, consider the following reviews:

How to Choose a Good Home Exercise Equipment

There are many types of sports equipment. You can only use 1 tool but you can use many tools. It all depends on your choices and goals. Well, for those of you who are going to buy sports equipment at home, consider the following tips so you don't make the wrong choice.

1. Make sure the sports equipment fits your goals and needs

Whatever type of exercise you do, everything will end up being good for the body as long as it's in the right portion. To support this sport you must also be equipped with the right sports equipment. That's why, before buying exercise equipment, make sure that it can meet your sporting goals.

If your goal is to tone your muscles, choose a device that can be used for toning muscles. That way, you can do sports well.

2. Adjust to the capacity of the room

Because it will be used for sports at home, you need to adjust the exercise equipment you want to buy with the capacity of the room in your home. For example, if you want to buy a treadmill, you have to make sure that you have enough space in your house. That way you can use the tool properly when exercising.

3. We recommend choosing original products

Regardless of the type of goods, there must be some that are counterfeit products. And usually counterfeit products are priced lower than the original price. For that, you need to be aware of this when buying sports equipment.

As much as possible, buy genuine or original products. Even though it is priced at a higher price. If you can't afford it, you can look for another brand, which may be priced at a lower price. The important thing is that the product you buy is the original brand of the tool. In addition to the convenience of use, original products also usually provide better quality.

Those are some tips that you can use when you want to buy exercise equipment at home. Make sure you do these three things, so you get the right product to support your exercise process.

Top 10 Recommended Products for Home Sports Equipment

Next you will be presented with 10 recommendations for sports equipment at home as well as a brief review that you can choose according to your needs. Curious? Let's see the following Tomslead review .

1. Aolikes Jump Rope Steel Wire Bearing

Best Home Sports Equipment Aolikes Jump Rope Steel Wire Bearing
Aolikes Jump Rope Steel Wire Bearing

If you want to exercise with tools that are simple, inexpensive and also suitable for use at home, the answer is skipping rope. 
You can choose skipping rope from Aolikes Jump Rope Steel Wire Bearing. This home exercise tool is designed with a straight wire type. As for the rope itself, it's designed for fast, high-intensity types of exercise. Made of steel, you need to know that this one tool is very durable when used.

For its use, anyone would know that exercise with skipping is very good for the body. In addition, exercise with this tool is also very suitable for those of you who are running a diet program. No need to leave the house, you can still exercise optimally with the skipping rope from Aolikes Jump Rope Steel Wire Bearing.

2. Speeds Power Tower Pull Up Bar

Best Home Exercise Equipment Speeds Power Tower Pull Up Bar LX 042-26
Speeds Power Tower Pull Up Bar LX 042-26

Available to be placed inside or outside the house such as on the terrace, you can also exercise with this one home exercise tool, the Speeds Power Tower Pull Up Bar. 
Because it is free to be placed anywhere, you can put it outside the house. That way you can enjoy your sport accompanied by direct sunlight and outside air.

Made of iron, this standing pull bar is equipped with 2 resistance ropes that you can use to train your biceps. Not only that, this tool is also very suitable for those of you who want to increase muscle mass. Please note, the Power Tower Pull Up Bar speeds are able to withstand loads of up to 100 kg.

3. Dumbbell Neoprene Body Sculpture

Best Home Exercise Equipment Dumbbell Neoprene Body Sculpture
Dumbbell Neoprene Body Sculpture

Next, there are exercise equipment at home, namely dumbbells from Dumbell Neoprene Body Sculpture. 
For its mass, this dumbbell weighs 5 kg. For those of you who want to tighten the triceps and biceps in the arms, this tool is a must have at home. What's more for you men, this tool can help to tone muscles without having to go to gym training.

This Neoprene Body Sculpture dumbbell is made of quality material in the form of a neoprene layer on the handle so that it is more comfortable when used. Not only that, the neoprene layer is useful to avoid blisters on the floor when the dumbbells are dropped or scratched on the floor.

4. The Republic of Svarga Resistance Tubes

Best Home Workout Equipment The Republic of Svarga Resistance Tubes
The Republic of Svarga Resistance Tubes

Apart from the previous tools, there are exercise equipment at home that you can use for strength training. 
The tool is The Republic of Svarga Resistance Tubes. These Resistance Tubes are equipped with 5 types of tubes with different strengths such as foam handles, ankle straps, door anchors, and nylon bags. That way you can exercise at home or outside without having to go to the gym.

Equipped with a complete variety of tubes, did you know that the tube handle combination can provide the same function as dumbbells and various other gym equipment. Please note, the use of this one sports tool is not only used to train the chest and shoulder muscles but can be used to train all muscles.

5. Bfit Rubber Kettlebell

Best Home Exercise Equipment Bfit Rubber Kettlebell
Bfit Rubber Kettlebell

Next, there are exercise equipment at home that are very suitable for training the waist and hand muscles. 
The tool is the Bfit Rubber Kettlebell. Bfit Rubber Kettlebell is available in various dimensions/weight variants, namely 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, 16 kg. You can adapt it to your needs. Comfortable to use, this tool is designed with a pattern on the handle so it doesn't slip when used.

In addition, this tool is also coated with rubber so it doesn't clank when it accidentally falls to the floor. How? Are you interested in this one home exercise tool? Keep in mind, you need to train the waist so it is not stiff.

6. Shaga Light Run Treadmill

Best Home Workout Equipment Shaga Light Run Treadmill
Shaga Light Run Treadmill

Running is a very healthy sport. 
However, when you run outside, you can actually damage your body due to air and pollution that are unavoidable, especially for urban areas. Therefore, you need to choose a healthy and safe place to run. Now you don't have to worry about running anymore. You can do it at home with a home exercise tool, namely the Shaga Light Run Treadmill.

This treadmill is equipped with features such as 12 levels of inclineer that can be set as if you were walking uphill. For weights that can be available for 100 kg. In addition, this treadmill can also be adjusted from a speed of 1 km / hour to 13 km / hour. This treadmill also has the advantage that it can be folded so it doesn't require a large place to store it.

7. Happyfit Anti Burst Gym Ball

The Best Home Exercise Equipment Happyfit Anti Burst Gym Ball
Happyfit Anti Burst Gym Ball

If you want to train your balance while tightening your muscles with a relatively light intensity, you are suitable for using the Happyfit Anti Burst Gym Ball. 
Designed with explosion proof, you don't need to be afraid when using this one tool. This gym ball will only slowly deflate if it is accidentally punctured. For its size, this gym ball is available in 3 diameter sizes, namely 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm. That way you can customize it according to your needs.

When buying exercise equipment at home on this one, you will also be given a pump so you don't have to buy a separate pump. How? Are you interested in trying it right away at home?

8. Double Wheel KETTLER

Best Home Sports Equipment Double Wheel KETTLER
Double Wheel KETTLER

If you want to build your abdominal muscles into a more six-pack, you need to consider this one sports tool. 
You don't have to go to gym training, these are home workout tools that you can easily find in sports stores. The tool is the Double Wheel KETTLER. One tool weighs 650 Grams, so it is very good for your work out at home. Especially for men.

With this tool you can exercise anywhere. The tool is not too big, Double Wheel KETTLER is easy to carry anywhere. In addition, this tool can not only be used to train the abdominal muscles, but also train the arm muscles and shoulder muscles.

9. Fairtex 6FT Muaythai Banana Bag – Unfilled

Best Home Exercise Equipment Fairtex 6FT Muaythai Banana Bag - Unfilled
Fairtex 6FT Muaythai Banana Bag – Unfilled

Want to train your punches, elbows, knees or even kicks, you'll need a banana bag from the Fairtex 6FT Muaythai Banana Bag – Unfilled. 
This home exercise equipment comes from Thailand where the origin of muay thai is. Especially for those of you who want to take muay thai seriously, this tool is highly recommended for you.

As for the material, this tool is made of synthetic leather, with a banana bag type which when filled, the weight of this tool can reach 39 kg. For the material, this tool is a water proof type equipped with strong nylon.

10. Static Bike Speeds Spinning Platinum Bike LX 042-19

Best Home Sports Equipment Static Bike Speeds Spinning Platinum Bike LX 042-19
Static Bike Speeds Spinning Platinum Bike LX 042-19

If usually for cycling you need to think about the track first, now you can do it at home. 
You can use exercise equipment at home, namely a stationary bicycle. For the product, you can choose the Static Bike Speeds Spinning Platinum Bike LX 042-19. This tool is equipped with a dual action exercise feature that functions to train muscle movements and also burn fat.

For its size, this bicycle is designed with a size of 70 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm so it doesn't take up too much space. In addition, this stationary bike is also equipped with an automatic speed feature. That way, you can adjust it according to your needs. You need to know, this tool is very suitable to help stroke therapy.

These are 5 benefits of exercise that are rarely known

As discussed earlier, exercise provides excellent benefits for the body. However, there are some benefits that people rarely know about when they exercise regularly. Curious what the benefits are? This is the review.

1. Makes you feel happier

Did you know, when you exercise, the part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety changes. This will increase the sensitivity of the brain to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine which can reduce stress. Not only that, when you exercise too, the production of endorphins will also increase so that positive feelings will increase even more.

2. Can increase energy level

Exercise is exercise for the body. The harder you practice, the stronger your body will be. This is because the energy level has started to increase. This is one of the benefits of exercise that is rarely known. Not only that, exercise can also increase energy significantly for sufferers of progressive disease when they have started exercising actively.

3. Eliminate sleepiness

Many people think, when exercising the body will feel tired and lead to feeling sleepy. That is wrong. Precisely when you have started exercising, your body will feel more fit and excessive sleepiness will disappear. And of course you have to do exercise in the right portion.

4. Good for skin health

If usually physical fatigue is not good for skin health. Keep in mind, it's different when you exercise. When exercising, the body's natural antioxidant production will increase which is recognized to protect skin cells. In addition, exercise can also stimulate blood flow and induce skin cells so that the skin can be free from harvesting.

5. Provides better sleep quality

Besides being able to reduce stress and make you feel happier, exercise can also provide a better quality of sleep. Not only because the feeling of stress is reduced, the depletion of energy during exercise can also improve sleep quality.


Those are reviews of sports and exercise equipment at home that can help you find the right type of exercise to do at home. How? Has this article answered your curiosity about home exercise equipment? Remember, anything can be started from home. Including sports. And of course accompanied by the right sports equipment.

Previously, 10 recommended products have been discussed. Of the ten sports equipment recommendations that have been discussed previously, which tool is your favorite? Come on, take your time to do sports at home to stay healthy and fit.

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