Review of 10 Best Diary Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Even though the digital world is experiencing rapid development, some people still like writing activities. One of the most memorable is writing a diary . Maybe, those of you who were born in the 90s will be familiar with the word "dear diary". Yes, the word refers to the diary that a person usually writes to tell the meaning of the book (aka himself).

Many memories can be recorded in a diary , to be revisited in the future. If you want to feel the experience, buy the diary now! However, it would be better if you adjust the type of book purchased to your needs and comfort. That's why, let's look first at how to choose a diary before looking at the best products that we will recommend.

Diary Illustration Image
Diary Illustration Image

How to choose a good diary

Diary can be a moment to unwind. The heart and mind will feel relieved every time after writing a note of events in the diary. However, not all diaries are suitable for you to use because there are various types. Let's choose a product that suits your writing style!

1. Consider choosing a product by looking at the date or not

Broadly speaking, diary books are divided into two types, namely those with dates and those without dates. If you want to keep a daily diary and want to remember those moments in detail, we recommend that you buy a dated diary. It will be easier for you to review the incident records based on the date listed on the book page in question.

However, if you want to write dates freely, you can choose an undated diary. Usually, this book is suitable if you don't write every day so that every page will be used. Usually, an undated diary is suitable for writing long stories of more than one page.

2. Choose based on the book layout design

If you pay attention, the diary has two layout designs, namely with lines or stripes and without lines or plain. What you want to wear, it depends on your needs. For example, if you want to write well-ordered sentences, use a diary with a lined layout, whether it's wide or narrow lines, depending on how much you want to write.

While on the other hand, a plain diary allows you to be creative, whether it includes sketch illustrations to strengthen the impression of the story and the like. You can also decorate a plain diary with doodles, stickers, masking tape, and other ornaments at will. But remember, this kind of diary is not comfortable for long writing.

3. Check the number of pages indicating the writing period

Diaries are written for different lengths of time. But if you look at the habits of many people, they do it for a period of one year. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a diary with a number of pages that covers your needs for up to 1 year. But again, all of this is tailored to your preferences

In addition to a period of 1 year, there are also several diaries that are able to fulfill the writing for a period of more than 2 – 3 years. Usually this book is thicker so it is not suitable if you want to take it traveling. We recommend that you prioritize a diary that is sufficient for at least one year.

4. The convenience of writing is also influenced by the size of the product

Product size usually refers to the dimensions of the paper used. For example, if you want the need to write in many places (not just at home), it will be more comfortable to use a small diary. Books with A6 paper size are sufficient and do not take up space when placed in a bag.

Vice versa, a diary with a large size, for example B5, will not be suitable for traveling. But the advantage of this book is that it is more convenient to write a note of events in the form of paragraphs. It is suitable if you do not like to write a diary other than in your room.

Top 10 recommended diaries

Furthermore, Tomslead will recommend the 10 best diaries from well-known brands. Please choose the plain or striped layout, as well as the size based on your needs. Happy choosing the product!

1. Daiichi Diary B5

Daiichi Diary B5
Daiichi Diary B5

Daiichi Diary B5 is a diary consisting of 120 pages. 
In other words, this book is not very suitable if you write notes every day. You can buy this product if you just want to record important moments in your life.

The lined paper layout makes the writing process easier. Daiichi Diary B5 is designed with 6 color options, allowing you to buy your favorite color. With an affordable price, this 18.5 x 14 x 26 cm product looks worth it to buy.

2. Plain Diary

Plain Diary
Plain Diary

Want to draw freely or add beautiful ornaments to your diary? 
We recommend that you buy a Plain Diary. This book lets you scribble on pictures, lines, or even writing whenever you want to practice your neat writing skills without the help of lines.

With a plain cover, the impression of this book looks minimalist so it is suitable if you like something simple. This book with a price close to 100 thousand has 60 pages back and forth which is enough to be used for a period of more than 3 months. Its size which is only 12.5 x 12.5 cm, of course, fits tucked into a bag.

3. Nice Day 365 Daily Planner Small

Nice Day 365 Daily Planner Small
Nice Day 365 Daily Planner Small

If you want to write consistently, of course you need a book with a large number of pages. 
It is Nice Day 365 Daily Planner Small, a lined diary with 204 pages. Even though it's not up to 365 pages, it seems that there are some days where you will be absent from writing.

Not to mention that there are planning pages for the annual, monthly, and weekly periods, you can record your schedule of activities more freely. In addition, this book which is classified as a panner is equipped with several blank pages that are useful for taking other important notes.

4. Ponybrown Budbear Everyday Diary

Ponybrown Budbear Everyday Diary
Ponybrown Budbear Everyday Diary

Funny and cute, that's the first impression that appears when looking at the appearance of this book. 
Ponybrown Budbear Everyday Diary is very interesting and invites the desire to stay close to him. The Buha Bear that is covered on the cover with various poses makes this product unique and beautiful.

In addition, this book, which is equipped with full color pages and a PVC plastic cover, is durable. Ponybrown also embeds weekly plans, monthly plans, and yearly plans. If you need a lined diary that lasts up to 1 year, just pick this product!

5. Peekmybook The Passbook

Peekmybook The Passbook
Peekmybook The Passbook

This diary is more suitable for financial recording activities. 
If you are running a business and do not have a digitalized record keeping system, we recommend that you use Peekmybook The Passbook.

This product with 165 pages of which 72 pages contains a table of expenses and income will help you manage cash flow. Apart from that, you can also write down important information on a blank lined page. Measuring 15 x 21 cm or A5, this book is not a hassle because it is compact when carried.

6. Password Diary

Password Diary
Password Diary

Do you like product designs that look girly? 
This Password Diary is sure to please you. Many women have used this chic “dress” book as a friend to close the day in the bedroom. You can write all precious moments in life on paper that is not only thick, but also smooth in this book.

Diary Password comes in two design options, please choose according to your preferences. In addition, this striped diary is also unique because it has been equipped with a lock using a password mechanism. Don't worry, family members or anyone else will not be able to see your secret notes easily.

7. Peekmybook Recipe Book – Baby Edition

Peekmybook Recipe Book – Baby Edition
Peekmybook Recipe Book – Baby Edition

Peekmybook formulates a diary that is intended for those of you who want to record the development of your baby. 
In this book there is a special table or section to record weight, height, and other things related to your child's growth and development.

In addition, you can also write food recipes for your baby on the lined page. While embedding the blank page serves to write down the types of vitamins your child is consuming. You can also use the blank page to record immunization dates and doctor's appointments.

8. Peekmybook Little Companion Travel Diary

Peekmybook Little Companion Travel Diary
Peekmybook Little Companion Travel Diary

For this one, Peekmybook provides it specifically to record unforgettable events while traveling. 
Designed with a size of 13.5 x 21 cm, it is certain that this thin and flat book will not take up more space in your suitcase or carry-on bag.

With this book, you can record not only the experiences you experience while traveling, but also record your itinerary, travel routes, best food, favorite restaurants, and even details of your expenses as reference information in the future. Very complete, right?

9. Vintage Leaf Diary

Diary Vintage Leaf
Diary Vintage Leaf

Diary Vitage Lef is more suitable for those of you who want a vintage-themed diary. 
Plain type, this book with a leather cover looks retro. When writing notes in public, you may end up being the center of attention because of the exclusive and classic look of the outer cover.

Even though it doesn't have buttons, you can keep the book closed by tying the leather cover with a strap with a leaf ornament. One more thing, this book consists of 160 pages, perfect for those of you who want to write notes for up to 1 year!

10. Peekmybook The Secret Recipe

Peekmybook The Secret Recipe
Peekmybook The Secret Recipe

The Secret Recipe is one of the best selling products from Peekmybook in many countries. 
This book is designed for those of you who want to plan your daily menu with selected recipes. You can categorize the types of dishes easily with this book.

In addition, this 182-page book and A5 (15 x 21 cm) size mixes blank and lined pages. The striped ones are made dominant so that you don't have any trouble every time you write down the recipe and the order in which they are made. To write down your weight and exercise schedule? Can you do it!


Some diaries are made not only to write down the events that you experience in one day. Some are designed for special purposes, such as monitoring a child's growth and development or for a diet program. If you buy a book that has this kind of focus, check the ease of use, yes, so you can use it for the long term.

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