Review of 10 Best Car Scratches Remover Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Scratches or scratches on a car are not only caused by accidents or being struck, but can also appear due to the friction of flying dust. In a fairly serious impact, the paint can peel off. To deal with this, it is necessary to polish with car scratch remover so that the paint surface can look like before.

You can choose car scratch removal products from Meguiar's , Turtle Wax , and a number of other brands, each of which has different characteristics of shape, type, and abrasive properties. Each scratch level requires handling of a different scratch remover. Therefore, you should know in advance the types of products in circulation.

Car Scratch Remover
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How to choose a good car scratch remover

Car scratch or scratch remover comes in various types, such as wax , compound , spray , and touch pen types . The working power of each type is different based on the level of scratches caused. Let's understand further the characteristics of each type of car scratch remover.

1. Wax type that can handle fine scratches

Fine scratches that are not too deep, perhaps from dust, car washing, or wiping can be removed with a wax-type car scratch remover. This type is further divided into two types based on form, namely liquid and solid forms with different abrasive properties of each.

For the liquid type of wax, the polishing component contains an abrasive substance that makes the paint surface flat again and scratches disappear after polishing. The effect given can last a long time even though the wax substance has disappeared. It's just that, liquid wax type scratch remover when used excessively will actually worsen existing scratches.

Another alternative for those of you who don't want to add scratches due to mistakes in using the type of liquid wax can be by using a solid wax. In this type of wax does not contain a polishing agent, but is replaced with silicone or other substances with a similar function. Solid wax works only to cover scratches, not remove them. However, this type will not actually make the scratch worse because there is no abrasive substance.

2. Compound type to remove scratches that are not too deep

Compound-type scratch removers contain abrasive polishing agents. This type is more appropriate for shallow scratches or not too deep due to the repair or repainting process. There are several product forms in the market, such as cream, liquid, and paste. Choose the one that suits your needs.

In addition to being present in many forms, the abrasive levels of compound product components are also different, ranging from very fine to coarse. However, all the abrasives belong to each form. Therefore, when you intend to use a compound product to remove scratches on the car, the car paint will be thinner and this type will easily disappear when exposed to water.

3. A practical type of spray for scratches with a large enough area

If the area of ​​the resulting scratches is large enough, a spray-type car scratch remover is most appropriate. This type works deeper than wax or compound type products. Besides being used on cars, this type can also be used to remove scratches on other solid objects so that it is considered flexible. However, you need expertise when using it.

Time and energy also need to be mobilized more. The reason is, before spraying the product, the silicone layer on the car must be scraped off first. You also need to find a color that matches the car's paint so it doesn't make the car look weird. Please check your skill level before using this product. If done by amateurs, then the end result will be less than optimal.

4. Touch pen type to treat peeling paint and remove scratches with precision

This pen type scratch remover is easy to use. The difficulty may lie in choosing a color that matches the paint color of your car. This type will work very well for removing scratches with precision, for example on paint that is peeling off.

In addition, the touch pen type is also effective in removing silicone and rust attached to the surface of the car with a pretty neat finish and less visible marks of repair. If the scratches on your car can only be removed with a touch pen type product, make sure when sanding the dry car paint first so that the surface is flat.

Top 10 Recommended Car Scratches Remover

Now, removing scratches on the car can be done alone. You just need to prepare a quality car scratch remover product. Here, Tomslead recommends some selected products for you to use!

1. Simoniz Fix It Pro Scratch Repair Pen

Best Car Scratch Remover Simoniz Fix It Pro Scratch Repair Pen
Produk Simoniz Fix It Pro Scratch Repair Pen

Simoniz Fix It Pro is designed in the form of a touch pen so it is easy to use. 
You only need to apply it to the blisters, then wait for the substance to dry. This product is comfortable and safe to use many times because it has an odorless and non-toxic character.

After this product is dry, its waterproof and permanent ability will make it not easily erased. Not to mention the very pocket-friendly price, even those of you who have thin funds will have no trouble getting this product.

2. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

The Best Car Scratch Remover Nu Finish Scratch Doctor
Produk Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

Scratch Doctor can remove scratches perfectly without creating new scratches on your car even if it is polished continuously. 
This product deserves to be added to your shopping list, especially for those of you who are perfectionists and want your car to always look its best without the slightest scratch.

The use of this product is also fairly easy, you only need to use a soft cloth to apply a small amount of the contents on the scratches. Let stand until dry and wipe again with a soft cloth for a smoother result.

3. Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0

Best Car Scratch Remover Meguiars ScratchX
Meguiars ScratchX Products

Meguiar's has several collections of car scratch removers. 
One of them is ScratchX 2.0 which is said to be able to quickly remove scratches, scuffs, or other forms of scratches on the surface of your car body. This product has an abrasive formula that can cope with a variety of scratches.

Although designed with abrasive materials, this product will not make your car's coating layer thin or even damage. In addition, this product can also make the polished area look shiny. Want to get rid of scratches and polish your car at the same time? Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 is the answer!

4. Carlack 68 Polish Compound

Best Car Scratch Remover Carlack 68 Polish Compound
Produk Carlack 68 Polish Compound

This product is not only effectively applied to the surface of the car body that has scratches, but also to the windshield of your car that has been scratched by accidental sharp objects. 
In addition to removing scratches, this product can also clean stains and mold that are stuck and difficult to remove.

By using Carlack 68 Polish Compounds, the entire surface of the body and car glass can be shiny and scuff-free. This car scratch remover is also easy to apply, either manually or using a polishing machine. Although it is abrasive, this product is silicone-free so it can stick perfectly without peeling the paint and coating off.

5. Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover

Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover Best Car Scratch Remover
Produk Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover

Mothers California offers car scratch removal products that have high abrasive properties. 
You can use this product to remove stubborn scratches. Not only on the outer surface of the car, but car components that are often touched, such as handles, keyholes, and the hood can also be helped to remove scratches with this product.

Even though it is highly abrasive, this product is still soft so it does not make the polished surface fade or peel and damage. If you want to polish your car without waiting too long, this car scratch remover product is worth a try.

6. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound Terbaik Best Car Scratches Remover
Produk Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Another collection from Meguiar's this one will make your car look charming like a new car. 
When applied correctly, it will look flawless with stunning luster and streak-free color. You should consider this product as one of the products of choice.

Equipped with micro-abrasive technology, this product is able to remove scratches and even out the color of the car. Another thing that makes this product superior is the ability to eradicate other than scratches, but also water spots, oxidation, and stains or scale that are difficult to remove on your car.

7. Turtle Wax Premium Polishing Compound

Best Car Scratch Remover Turtle Wax Premium Polishing Compound
Produk Turtle Wax Premium Polishing Compound

If you are looking for a compound type car scratch remover that is more capable at a minimal selling price, Turtle Wax Premium Polishing Compound must be on your wishlist. 
This product is specially designed to treat fine scratches.

In addition, Turtle Wax also adds a nanotechnology formula that makes this product able to prevent your car paint from becoming dull by protecting the car body from UV rays. You can also count on this product to remove stains from tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, or paint mold that are difficult to remove.

8. Turtle Wax Polishing Compound

Best Car Scratch Remover Turtle Wax Polishing Compound
Produk Turtle Wax Polishing Compound

This product is quite busy talking about in the automotive world. 
His ability to remove car scratches is unquestionable. You can also rely on this product to smooth the surface of a recently repainted car for a perfectly smooth finish.

Of course, regarding performance, Turtle Wax Polishing Compound will make scratches and light scratches on the car disappear instantly. However, this product is made specifically for work at the level of light scratches. However, this product has been equipped with a special formula that makes it effective in cleaning dirt, dust, or the remnants of asphalt attached to the car.

9. Colour Touch Paint Pen

Best Car Scratch Remover Color Touch Paint Pen
Produk Colour Touch Paint Pen

Looking for a car scratch removal product that is practical to use? 
The following products are worth considering. With a quick-drying formula, you can save time when using it. Color Touch Paint Pen is like a magic pen that makes all the scratches on your car covered instantly.

Not only that, the manufacturer also ensures that this product can make your car able to be used for activities even though it has just been given treatment by it. You simply rub it on the beret on the car, in an instant the surface of your car can be perfect again.

10. T-UP Automotive Paint

Best Car Scratch Remover T-UP Automotive Paint
Produk T-UP Automotive Paint

T-UP Automotive Paint is a paint made from synthetic nitro-cellulose pluse epoxy which combines natural car paint with epoxy. 
The combination of these materials makes this product able to restore the color of your car like new while optimally covering scratches.

Whether on fine or rough scratches, this product works effectively on your car body. With T-UP Automotive Paint, you don't have to bother with repeated polishing of the beret because the included performance is powerful enough to cover the scratch without having to polish it repeatedly. Save time too!


Each type of car scratch removal product can work together with each other to provide optimal results. For example, to remove scratches, you can use a compound type first to smoothen rough surfaces and remove scratches. After that, you can coat the surface with wax for better results.

If you want to use the touch pen type, you can directly apply the product to the scratch and wait for it to dry. After drying, then you polish it again with a compound to make it smooth evenly and use spray for finishing to give a glossy finish.

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