Review of 10 Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – The solution for cleaning your car glass is by using the best car glass cleaning fluid. Of course, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to maintain, right?

However, it is not only the cleanliness of your house, clothes, electronics, or yourself that must be maintained, but also the cleanliness of the vehicle you have. One of the vehicles that must be kept clean is a car.

Well, there are some parts of the car that must be cleaned. Starting from the engine, tires, luggage, seats, carpets, glass, car lights, and so on. Actually, your car already has a windshield cleaning tool that is usually moved when it rains or is better known as a wiper.

The Best Car Glass Cleaning Fluid
Car Glass Cleaning Illustration / Edmunds

However, the tool called the wiper cannot clean optimally. There are still other impurities that must be cleaned in more detail, for example, dust and mold left behind, etc. Then, why should car windows be kept clean? This is done so that the glass is not opaque and there is no crust. That way, your vision will not be disturbed while driving.

How to Choose a Good Car Glass Cleaning Product

The following are tips for choosing the best car glass cleaning products in order to get maximum results.

1. Pay attention to the ingredients in the car glass cleaner

Have you ever washed a car using a car glass cleaner that contains detergent? If so, now is the time for you to stop doing this because detergents can produce a lot of foam.

If you can't clean it properly, the foam can turn into a crust which can certainly interfere with vision. When your windshield is moldy, then you should not just clean it with plain water.

Choose a car glass mold cleaner that is specifically designed to clean mold and crust. That way, the dirt on your car can be lifted. However, this cleaning should not be done often, yes! This is done so that your windshield is not damaged.

2. Prevent dirt from sticking to the windshield

There are several materials that can prevent dirt from sticking to the windshield, namely coatings, silicones, resins, and glycol ether. Why should it contain these ingredients? With this content in your car glass cleaner, dirt will not easily stick.

Well, if it has been prevented like that, then car maintenance can be easier. Plus, you won't be needing windshield mildew any time soon because your car has been protected for quite a long time. So now you know the ingredients of a good cleanser, right?

3. Adjust the type of cleaner to your needs

There are several types of car glass cleaners that you can use, including windshield cleaning fluid and sheet form. Well, you can choose the type of cleaner in the form of sheets if you want a type of cleaner that is practical and easy to carry wherever you go.

However, of course there are drawbacks too. This type of sheet cleaner can't remove stubborn stains, can it! You don't want to waste a lot of effort cleaning stubborn dirt, do you?

If your car already has stubborn dirt or even crusted and moldy, then you should choose the type of car windshield mildew cleaner in the form of a liquid. The ingredients in it effectively clean easily. That way, you can allocate the energy you have for other things.

10 Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Recommendations

So, what is the name of a good car glass mildew cleaning fluid? Well, the following article, Tomslead will review the 10 recommendations for the best car glass cleaning fluid that can add to your reference.

That way, it is hoped that you can take care of the car and keep the car clean according to your needs and abilities. Happy choosing!

1. Ice cream

Glaco's Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid

Having just washed the car and then it was raining is one of the things that is quite annoying, right? 
If you don't clean it, there will be water spots that dry and leave an imprint. Well, if the spotting is just a little maybe it won't be too bothersome.

However, what if there are a lot of these spots? Of course it will be very disturbing your view while driving. Therefore, you need a good car glass cleaner. Well, Glaco can be your choice that not only cleans dirt but also prevents it from sticking to the windshield.

2. Kenmaster Glass Mushroom Medicine

Kenmaster Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Glass Fungus Cure
Kenmaster Glass Mushroom Medicine

Removing mold from the windshield of course requires a lot of extra effort to clean it, doesn't it? 
Well, mushrooms also can not be cleaned with just plain water.

Therefore, you need a car glass mildew cleaner. However, you don't need to worry if you want to get a cheap but quality car glass cleaning product because there is Kenmaster Glass Mold Medicine. The price is very affordable so it will not drain your pocket, yes!

3. KIT Auto Glass Cleaner

Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Auto Glass Cleaner Kit
Kit Auto Glass Cleaner

You want to prevent mold from coming back after cleaning the windshield from the inside to the outside, right? 
Well, the product you need is the KIT Auto Glass Cleaner. In addition, the price is also very friendly on your pocket. The most important thing is that the name of this car glass cleaner does not contain ammonia.

Why is that important? When you don't pay attention to the ingredients in the cleaning fluid which turns out to contain ammonia, then you are already endangering yourself. That's because ammonia is one of the ingredients that is dangerous if inhaled. So from now on you have to pay attention to the ingredients contained in the glass cleaner of your choice, yes!

4. Formula 1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

The Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Formula 1 Glass Cleaner
Formula 1 Glass Cleaner

Next, another recommendation for the best cleaner is Formula 1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent. 
Why this product should be a choice? That's because of the active formula in this car glass cleaner. The name of this glass cleaner is able to clean dust, insect stains attached, water spots, scale, to mildew.

Not only that, the ingredients in the following cleaning brands are able to block rainwater from sticking to the windshield. That way, other problems with the windshield will not come. However, these benefits are directly proportional to the costs you have to spend because the price is indeed more expensive compared to other brands. So, which one is your choice?

5. 3M All Purpose Cleaner

Best Car Glass Cleaning Fluid 3M All Purpose Cleaner
3M All Purpose Cleaner

Harmful ingredients are also found in car glass cleaning fluid. 
You have to be really selective in choosing, yes! However, you don't have to worry if you want to clean your car's windshield using the 3M All Purpose Cleaner. Why is that? That's because the content of this cleanser does not contain acid.

Thus, your windshield can be safe from corrosive so that it can remain durable. In addition, you can also clean many types of dirt using this liquid, ranging from light to stubborn dirt. Even more special, this cleaning brand can be applied to seats, engines, plastic, vinyl, rubber, dashboards, carpets, tires, wheels, and other car parts. Well, this 3M All Purpose Cleaner certainly deserves to be your choice in cleaning the car.

6. Wealthy Screenwash Concentrate

Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Wealthy Screenwash Concentrate
Wealthy Screenwash Concentrate

Dirty car windows must of course be cleaned so as not to interfere with the view while driving. 
Especially the water spots due to the pouring rain. You certainly want your car to be kept clean with affordable maintenance, right? Well, this one car glass cleaning product is the right choice.

You can get it by shopping online or offline because this one brand has been circulating in the market. The advantages of this cleaning fluid are that it does not damage the wiper rubber, water reservoir seal rubber, does not make the car windshield moldy, or others. So, are you still hesitant to choose Wealthy Screenwash Concentrate as your car care?

7. Waxco Glass Clean and Polish Compound

Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Waxco Glass Clean and Polish Compound
Waxco Glass Clean and Polish Compound

Sometimes there are some car materials that cannot be exposed to the contents of car glass cleaners carelessly, especially to clean mold. 
Well, there is a brand of car glass mildew cleaner that is safe for all types of cars.

Its name is Waxco Glass Clean and Polish Compound which contains cerium oxide which is very effective in cleaning your car windshield fungus. Not only fungus, the attached crust can be lifted and the windshield becomes clean again.

8. Dobeli WR 77 Deposit Remover

Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Dobeli WR 77 Deposit Remover
Dobeli WR 77 Deposit Remover

The next recommended car glass cleaning fluid that could be your choice is the Dobeli WR 77 Deposit Remover. 
The function of this liquid is to clean the fungus on the windshield and prevent it from coming back so that the windshield can turn clear again. In addition, this cleaning brand is also safe because it does not damage the glass rubber and does not cause itching.

How to use it is also very easy. You just pour the liquid on a dry cloth and rub it on the windshield. Do it gradually and evenly, yes! Then, rinse or spray clean water and dry. That way your vision will not be disturbed anymore because of the blocking stains.

9. Autodazzling Bug Remover

Best Car Glass Cleaning Fluid Autodazzling Bug Remover
Autodazzling Bug Remover

The liquid from Autodazzling Bug Remover works as a good car window cleaner and water spot remover even though the price is affordable. 
Well, this cleaning fluid was specifically created only for car windows other than European car windows.

There are things you need to pay attention to, yes! When this liquid gets on the hands, it must be washed immediately using running water. In addition, this liquid should not be used for scratched car windows because the wipers are not getting damaged. That way, your windshield can stay awake.

10. Nutens Fine Glass

The Best Car Glass Cleaning Liquid Nutens Fine Glass
Nutens Fine Glass

You don't want your car glass to be damaged because of careless products, right? 
This product contains premium ingredients that can clean car windows without damaging your windshield. Well, this brand of car glass cleaner is made specifically for car glass so that the safety of your car is really reliable.

In addition, the ingredients do not irritate your hands and of course Nutens Fine Glass is effective as a mildew cleaner for your car glass. Well, how to use it is also very easy. Start by shaking the bottle of Nutens Fine Glass and pouring it into the applicator. Then, rub it on the dirty windshield repeatedly and clean it well.


Whatever type of car glass cleaning fluid you choose, there is a tool that must be prepared or commonly referred to as an appropriate cleaning kit. That way the windshield can be more cling. Well, you don't need to be confused because you can get car glass cleaning fluid in various places, for example ACE Hardware, Supermarkets, or look for it in various trusted marketplaces. So, which recommendation are you more interested in?

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