10 Recommended Phone Holders in the Best Cars (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Smartphone cellphone holders for cars are usually chosen by someone because they make cellphones easy to use even when driving. Mainly for online drivers who want to go somewhere, but don't know which direction to take to get to that place.

That of course will make drivers use GPS as a navigation tool. So, having a cellphone holder in the car can also make drivers call or pick up calls from passengers easily.

How to Choose a Smartphone Cellphone Holder in a Good Car

The Best Car Cellphone Holder
Illustration of Car HP Holder / my-drivers

Currently there are several brands that sell HP holders at different prices. So, here are some ways to choose a car cell phone holder that you can do so you can find a product according to your needs and desires.

1. Adjust the car holder to the desired installation place

The various forms of car cellphone holders of course have been adjusted to the place of installation. Some are placed on the dashboard, windshield, fan or on the car air conditioner, on the steering wheel, car seat, and so on. If you want to put it on the dashboard or windshield, then you can choose a holder that is equipped with a magnet or a gel pad.

However, you should choose a car cellphone holder that has a clip if you want to put it on the fan or on the car air conditioner. It's different if you don't drive and often sit in the back, then the product you should choose is a special HP backseat holder. So, make sure you choose the product according to the place of installation so that the car cellphone holder can be useful as desired.

2. Make sure the size of the car holder matches the size of the cellphone

Each product will of course have different specifications, as well as car cell phone holders. Some are made specifically for small, medium, or large HP sizes. Before buying, make sure you know the size of your cellphone so that it can be adjusted to the size of the holder.

Usually these sizes are given using inches which of course have a minimum and maximum range. So, the car's cellphone holder is not only used for one cellphone size. However, there are also HP holder products that are also used as tablet holders, so it's not surprising that the maximum size is around 12 inches.

3. Select the car holder model according to preference

Another thing you need to consider when choosing a car cell phone holder is the model. You can choose products that are round, rectangular or other styles. Usually there will be a cellphone support on the right, left or bottom which is made of soft material so it doesn't scratch your cellphone. Apart from that, there are also models of car cell phone holders that vary in color with various patterns.

10 Recommended HP Holders (Phone Holders) for the Best Cars

The number of cellphone holders for cars that are sold in the market today can of course make you feel confused about choosing the right product. There are products that are expensive, but there are also affordable ones. Well, here are ten recommendations for the best car HP holders selected by Tomslead that you can use as an alternative.

1. Starco Phone Holder Fast Charging 15W

The Best Car Cellphone Holder Starco Phone Holder Fast Charging 15W
Starco Phone Holder Fast Charging 15W

This car cellphone holder sold by Starco is suitable for those of you who like practical things because this product is equipped with a fast charging feature. 
When you buy this product, you will get a holder, a USB Type-C Cable, and a Car Outlet Clip to attach to the car's air vent. Interestingly, this black car cellphone holder also has an LED so you can find out if the cellphone has been successfully charged or not.

If the LED shows blue, the charging process is successful, but red indicates otherwise. Another special thing you need to know is that this car cell phone holder is also equipped with protection from Over-heat, Short-circuit, Over-current, Over-Voltage and Over-Charge. Apart from that, your cellphone will still be safely placed on the cellphone holder for this car because there is an Intelligent Clip Arm sensor that automatically locks.

2. Hippo Halter-12 Universal Car Holder

Best Car HP Holder Hippo Halter-12 Universal Car Holder
Hippo Halter-12 Universal Car Holder

By choosing this Hippo car cellphone holder, you don't need any buttons to lock it because this product is equipped with the Auto Clamping feature. 
Your cellphone will immediately be pulled down and locked, but that doesn't mean removing your cellphone is a difficult thing to do. Another interesting thing you need to know is that there is a Silicone Suction Cup that can stick to a flat surface. Therefore, you can put this product not only on the car, but also on the kitchen table, work table, or other places with a flat surface.

You also don't need to worry about the car's cellphone holder falling easily because this product is equipped with a Sticky Seal Suction Cup which is 10 times stronger than 3M Glue. In addition, the surface on which the Hippo Halter-12 Universal Car Holder is mounted will not be damaged. Products made from ABS and washable are suitable for mobile phones with screen sizes between 4-6.8 inches. You can also adjust the length of the stick and its rotation to suit your desired viewing angle.

3. Philips Car HP Holder DLK-35001

Philips DLK-35001 . Best Car HP Holder
Philips DLK-35001

You are certainly familiar with this one brand because many of its products are used by the public. 
Although it is famous for its lighting and other electronic products, this brand also has a DLK-35001 HP car holder product with a variety of attractive color choices. This simple car cellphone holder is suitable for several types of cellphones whose screen size is less than 6 inches.

How to use it is also very easy because you only need to press or push the cellphone on the holder using one finger. No need to worry about falling because on the right and left and below there are supports. In addition, you can also rotate this Philips car holder up to 360 degrees to get the viewing angle you want.

4. Miniso Car Phone Holder

Best Car Phone Holder Miniso Car Phone Holder
Miniso Car Phone Holder

If you usually go to malls in big cities, then you must have seen Store Miniso. 
This brand sells various needs, from accessories, electronics, skincare, makeup, and many more. One of the products that you can buy from Miniso is a car cellphone holder to place your cellphone near you while driving a car. Apart from that, Miniso is also known as a brand that sells goods at affordable prices, including this mobile phone holder product.

There is a choice of gray and black colors that are suitable to be combined with various colors of HP casings. Miniso's car cellphone holder is easy to install and suitable for various types of cellphones with a size of 4-6.5 inches. You don't need to worry because this HP holder has a weight sensor so it can be mounted in various places. In addition, the top handle of this Miniso product can be moved according to need.

5. Mobile Phone Holder Robot RT-CH01

The Best Mobile Phone Holder Robot RT-CH01
Robot RT-CH01

There are several robot products related to cellphones at this time, such as batteries, chargers, and car cellphone holders. 
This product is designed to be flexible so that it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Even though it has a body that looks big, it only weighs 180 grams. You don't need to worry because the car's cellphone holder is equipped with anti-slippery pads so that your cellphone doesn't get scratched or dropped easily.

As with several cellphone holders belonging to other brands, this Robot model RT-CH01 product is also compatible with cellphones from various brands. You can find this product online through the official Robot account on the marketplace or buy it directly at the nearest counter. In order to make it easy to recognize that this product is branded Robot, on the front of this black car HP holder there is the inscription Robot.

6. Uneed Holder HP Car UPH301

Uneed UPH301 Best Car Cellphone Holder
Uneed UPH301

If you have a cell phone with a size of 3.5-6.4 inches and want to use it while driving a car, then Uneed's UPH301 car cell phone holder is the right choice for you. 
When driving long distances and you don't know the road by heart, usually the use of GPS will always take precedence from start to finish. It is also possible that the HP battery can run out before reaching the destination.
However, you don't need to worry about that because there is a charger hole that can be used to charge your cellphone while traveling by car.

This easy-to-use one-handed product allows you to move it up to 360 degrees to suit your view while riding. In addition, this car cellphone holder is also equipped with an Anti Slip Silicone Pad so that your cellphone can remain safe when placed in the holder. Interestingly, this Uneed car cellphone holder has a futuristic design and is made using sturdy materials.

7. Remax Mobile Phone Holder RM-C32

The Best Remax RM-C32 Car HP Holder
Remax RM-C32

The recommendation for the next mobile phone holder is from the Remax brand with the RM-C32 type which you can also rotate up to 360 degrees. 
That way, you can see the HP screen in landscape to see a wider view or portrait to get a longer viewing angle. Well, a suitable installation place for this one product is a car air vent because it has a clip. Not only that, there are cellphone supports on the right and left sides so that your cellphone can be safer when placed on a Remax car cellphone holder.

If you use a holder that is suitable for various types of cell phones, then some bad things can be avoided, such as getting lost and accidents. You can see GPS easily even when you're driving a car to provide directions to the location you want to go to. In addition, you don't need to look for your cell phone again when you are going to pick up the phone or receive a call from someone else. Thus, your focus on driving will not be too distracted and accidents can be avoided.

8. Spigen Kuel Signature S40

The Best Car HP Holder Spigen Kuel Signature S40
Spigen Kuel Signature S40

Holding a cellphone while driving is of course quite a hassle so it's a good idea if you buy a car cellphone holder, like this product from Spigen. 
You can install a product made using flexible TPU material on a non-leather car dashboard. Apart from not scratching your cellphone, the cellphone holder for this car is also not easily shifted or shaken because at the bottom there is a strong gel pad.

Your view of the future will also not be disturbed because the design of this car HP holder is made low. Well, the maximum HP size that is suitable to be paired with the Spigen Kuel Signature S40 is 6 inches. However, this product can be used optimally if you pair the cellphone horizontally or landscape.

9. Baseus Backseat Car Phone Holder

Best Car Phone Holder Baseus Backseat Car Phone Holder
Baseus Backseat Car Phone Holder

The following recommendations for car cellphone holders are more suitable for those of you who usually sit in the back car seat. 
You can still hold virtual meetings with a stable view and don't need to hold the cellphone because this holder is mounted on a bracket whose size is between 140mm-180mm. To make it easy to attach, there are clips on the right and left of this HP holder. Not only that, this product is also suitable for accompanying children to watch videos during the trip so they don't cry or disturb your concentration while driving.

If other products on average can only be used for HP with a size of about 6 inches, then it is different with this car HP holder from Baseus. You can even attach a tablet to this holder because it is also compatible with 12.9 inches. Similar to other brands of car cellphone holders, you can also rotate this product up to 360 degrees to get the desired viewing angle. Regarding the quality of the product, you don't need to doubt it because the materials chosen to make this material are an alloy of aluminum, plastic, and silicon which are resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

10. Ugreen Retractable Car Air Vent Holder

Best Car Phone Holder Ugreen Gravity Car Phone Holder
Ugreen Gravity Car Phone Holder

This last recommended car cellphone holder from the Ugreen brand with five arm clips so that it can grip your cellphone more firmly. 
Not only that, this product has also been equipped with soft rubber pads so as not to scratch your car's air vents. Similar to other car cellphone holders, Ugreen also makes its products can be rotated up to 360 degrees to get the best viewing angle.

If during the trip the HP battery will run out, you can still pair the HP with a charger without hassle because there is a special space provided. So, you can buy this product through an official store account on a trusted marketplace to get original products. In order not to be disappointed when buying this mobile phone holder, first make sure that the screen size of your cellphone is at least between 4.7-7.2 inches.

Tips to make car cellphone holders last longer

You definitely want to buy durable products, including car cell phone holders. So, here are tips you can do to make the holder last longer.

1. Use the size of a cellphone that is compatible because the size and durability of the support on the car cellphone holder have been adjusted.

2. Don't forget to clean the car cellphone holder regularly even though the material is not easy to rust, corrosion resistant, and so on.

3. Make sure you also store the car cellphone holder in a closed place when not in use to avoid dust and other debris.


So, that's a review of ten recommendations for car cellphone holders that can be used as a reference. By applying the several ways to choose that were reviewed previously, you can choose a product that suits your needs and desires. In order for the HP holder for the car you choose to last, you need to carry out regular maintenance and use it in the right way.

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