10 Best Margarine Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Margarine is a food ingredient that is quite popular in Indonesia. Margarine itself is made using vegetable fat or palm oil combined with water and salt, which is why it tastes a little salty.

People often use it as a substitute for cooking oil or as a spread for making bread. It contains many positive substances such as vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, iron, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. But more importantly, margarine is low in fat, unlike cooking oil which is high in fat.

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Even though margarine is very often used by Indonesian people, there are still many who are mistaken about margarine and butter. In fact, if further investigated, the two have strong differences, such as in the ingredients, margarine uses vegetable fat, but butter is made from animal fat.

Then in terms of color, margarine is dark yellow in color, but butter is pale yellow. Then in use, margarine is often used as a substitute for cooking oil and for spreading bread, but butter is often used to make cakes that are wetter.

10 Best Margarine Recommendations

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So that you don't get confused anymore, you can look for margarine by choosing a brand that sells this product. You can choose brands such as blue band, royal palmia, forvita, and others to use in your dishes. To determine the best margarine , you can see the ingredients, make sure the margarine has healthy ingredients. If you are really interested in buying a good margarine product, then you can consider the 10 choices of margarine that have been Tomslead, which are summarized below.

1. Versatile Blue Band

Best Multipurpose Blue Band Margarine
Versatile Blueband

The name Blue Band is very well known in the ears of the people of the country. 
Apart from having been around for a long time and often seeing it in advertisements, this brand also offers margarine products which are rich in nutritional content. Vitamins A, B, B2, D, and E which are very well known for their benefits for the body are embedded in a product called Multipurpose Blue Band. Even more amazing, this product now contains omega 3 which is good for brain growth and also omega 6 which is good for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

In fact, the content of omega 3 and 6 in the Versatile Blue Band is equivalent to 250g of salmon and also has the same content in three glasses of milk. Because of this, the product is very suitable to be used as a cooking ingredient so that children's growth and development can be maximized. You can add this margarine when you are going to cook stir-fried meat, fried rice, stir fry, and more.

2. MeadowLea Original

MeadowLea Original Best Margarine
MeadowLea Original

MeadowLea Original is the best margarine that has a low saturated fat content, even 65% less than the saturated fat content in butter. 
The ingredients used to make this butter are vegetable oils from canola and sunflower oils, it is only natural that they have little saturated fat. Because of its low saturated fat content, this product is very suitable and safe to use for processing your food. Because, most saturated fat will be bad for the body.

The flavors and colors produced by MeadowLea Original are not made from synthetic ingredients, aka natural, so they are very good for the health of the wearer. The delicious taste, natural color and fragrant aroma are obtained from a combination of natural ingredients that are good for the body. Thanks to this combination, there are vitamins A and vitamin D which are very good for growth.

3. Smart Filma Danish Pastry Margarine

Best Margarine Smart Filma Danish Pastry Margarine
Smart Filma Danish Pastry Margarine

If you want to make danish pastry or croissants, then you can use butter specifically intended for its manufacture, for example Smart Filma Danish Pastry Margarine. 
This safe margarine is indeed very suitable for making danish pastry, because the ingredients are made from natural ingredients in the form of vegetable oil. The aroma and taste it produces is so distinctive that anyone who smells it will immediately be tempted.

The level of plasticity and melting point in margarine for donuts or cakes is very good, which makes it suitable for use in danish pastry dough. Because of this, the pastry that you make can produce layers and crumb structures that expand so optimally. This margarine is highly recommended if you want to make danish pastries that are both delicious to eat and capable of producing stunning looking danish pastries.

4. Smart Palmboom Cake Margarine

Best Margarine Smart Palmboom Cake Margarine
Smart Palmboom Cake Margarine

The best long-lasting margarine brand is Smart Palmboom Cake Margarine which has been around since the 1940s. 
During that time, this product is still able to compete with new competitors and still has loyal customers. Naturally, because the white margarine product is made with quality ingredients, namely vegetable oil that is sterile and has lost its unpleasant odor. Thanks to good ingredients, a healthy margarine is created that is free from trans fat content.

Actually there are two types of margarine from Palmboom, namely Palmboom Margarine and Palmboom Cake Margarine. In the variant called cake margarine, the margarine has a more distinctive aroma, which has a fruity butter scent. Because of this, cakes made with margarine will taste more distinctive and more delicious. As for Palmboom Margarine, its strength lies in its ability to maintain the softness of the cake, so it can still be delicious even if it is stored for several days.

5. Smart Tower Margarine Cream

Best Margarine Smart Menara Margarine Cream
Smart Menara Margarine Cream

Menara Margarine Cream is a versatile margarine that can be used for various needs. 
Those of you who often make processed products such as 
sweet bread , cookies , or sponge rolls , can use this margarine to make the dough. By using the dough from margarine, it will produce a distinctive aroma, namely with a thick fruity aroma.

You can also use this best margarine to make cream for fillings, either for cream for filling bread or as butter cream. Just like before, this margarine is able to produce a delicious fruity butter aroma, making anyone tempted to eat it. For those of you who have a bakery and cake business or just enjoy making it, you can use Menara Margarine Cream as an ingredient.

6. Royal Palmia Cooking Margarine Garlic Flavor

Best Margarine Royal Palmia Cooking Margarine Garlic Flavor
Royal Palmia Cooking Margarine Garlic Flavor

As the name clearly shows, Royal Palmia Cooking Margarine Garlic Flavor is a margarine with a delicious onion flavor. 
Any dish made using it makes the tongue sway even more due to its very delicious taste. For those of you who use this halal margarine, you can use it when sautéing vegetables or making fried rice, surely the food will be more delicious.

Besides making food taste better, Palmia Cooking Margarine Garlic Flavor also makes food more nutritious. There are many ingredients that are good for the body in this margarine, namely vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, and E. There are also other ingredients that are also useful, namely nisain and folic acid. By using this margarine, surely the family can be healthier and more hungry when eating food.

7. Royal Palmia Butter Margarine

Best Margarine Royal Palmia Butter Margarine
Royal Palmia Butter Margarine

If the previous products were real margarine, then this is different from Royal Palmia Butter Margarine which is a combination of butter (butter) and margarine. 
The ingredients for making it are vegetable oils like margarine, but this product has been mixed with real butter. This makes it smell more fragrant like butter and has a higher melting point like margarine.

By using Royal Palmia Butter Margarine, you can make various processed breads , cakes and pastries with a delicious aroma and taste. The vitamin content is also worth considering, considering that there are many vitamins contained, starting from vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, E, niacin and folic acid. Because it produces a good taste and has good nutritional content, you can use this best margarine to make processed cakes and bread for your relatives.

8. Multipurpose Savory Margarine Filma

Filma's Best Margarine Multipurpose Savory Margarine
Multipurpose Savory Margarine Filma

If you are looking for a margarine that is suitable for any need, whether for stir-frying, making cake batter, or spreading bread, then you can use Multipurpose Savory Margarine Filma. 
Yes, as the name suggests, this margarine can indeed be used for various cooking activities as above. The taste is savory and delicious when tasted by the tongue, making anyone happy when eating food with this margarine.

Margarine made with vegetable oil also contains many nutrients that are very good for the body. Most are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, D, and E, as well as the presence of antioxidants. Thanks to the many vitamins contained in it, the baby's growth and development can be faster and better. So, often use nutritious margarine to cook food for your children, one of which is using this margarine.

9. forVITA Margarine

Best Margarine forVITA Margarine
forVITA Margarine

For those who want to serve delicious and healthy food, you can use forVITA Margarine as margarine for your daily needs. 
This margarine can be used to cook food to make it taste more delicious, so that family members can be satisfied with your preparations. Dishes such as stir-fries, fried rice, or cakes will be very suitable when made using this margarine.

In fact, not only does it taste delicious, margarine is also healthy, because it does not contain trans fats. As is known, these fats are bad fats that increase cholesterol levels, so that heart disease can appear. In addition, the presence of vitamin A and vitamin D in it, making it even better for health and growth, will be very suitable for your daily food ingredients.

10. MeadowLea Salt Reduced

Best Margarine MeadowLea Salt Reduced
MeadowLea Salt Reduced

Not only MeadowLea Original, there is also MeadowLea Salt Reduced which is MeadowLea's margarine. 
The two themselves are almost similar, but what sets them apart is the less salt content in Salt Reduced. The goal is to make the margarine healthier, because too much salt is not good for health.

Besides having a low salt content, MeadowLea Salt Reduced is also healthy because it has a small amount of saturated fat. They even claim to have 65% less saturated fat than butter in general. The presence of vitamins A and D in them also reinforces the fact that they are the best, healthiest margarine.


Before buying margarine, make sure you choose the right margarine for your needs. Because, there is a margarine that is specifically designed to cook something. In addition, choose the best margarine products that have good nutritional content, so they can be healthier and suitable to be used as cooking ingredients for families. If everything has been confirmed, you can determine which margarine product is right for you.

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