10 Best Shuttlecock Recommendations (Latest 2022)

TOMSLEAD – The excitement of the badminton match you play does not only depend on the racket and field conditions, but also the shuttlecock used. The material on the feathers and the bottom of the shuttlecock used is different from each other, especially in terms of performance. Each material has a difference that has an impact on your comfort in the game.

If you want to practice badminton or just play with family or friends, you need to use the right shuttlecock. To find out, in this article we will present interesting information about the guide to choosing a shuttlecock. We also share recommendations for the best shuttlecock products that you can use as references. So, let's start the discussion!

Tips and how to choose a good shuttlecock

Best Shuttlecock
Shuttlecock Illustration / Sportyreview

Usually, people will buy shuttlecocks when they want to play or practice. If you want to practice, then the shuttlecock used must be strong for long enough use. However, not a few who prefer shuttlecocks with poor materials because they are cheaper, so they can buy them in large quantities.

Whatever your purpose of playing, keep matching the shuttlecocks used. Especially in official matches, it is mandatory to use shuttlecocks that have been standardized and certified by official institutions. Well, in this section, we will invite you to further identify the characteristics of each shuttlecock based on the material used. Happy reading!

1. Pay attention to the fur material used

Until now, shuttlecocks are available in three feather materials, namely goose feathers, duck feathers, and nylon materials. At world-class badminton events, shuttlecocks made of goose feathers are commonly used. The advantage of goose feathers lies in its resistance to wind when the shuttlecock is hit back and forth, so it is not easily damaged.

Shuttlecocks made of goose feathers are indeed more durable than other feather materials, but they are also quite expensive so they are not suitable for training. While other materials used to make shuttlecocks are duck feathers. The low price makes shuttlecocks from duck feathers widely used for practice.

However, duck feathers are not very good in terms of performance, so they quickly break after receiving a number of blows. Alternatively, you can buy shuttlecocks made of nylon material. The nylon material in shuttlecocks is inexpensive and relatively durable compared to duck feathers.

2. Pay attention to the cork material that the shuttlecock supports

At the bottom end of the shuttlecock there is a cork which is the pedestal or meeting point between the racket and the shuttlecock. The cork material used also affects the durability of the shuttlecock itself. Generally, producers use three kinds of cork, namely natural or pure cork, synthetic cork, and compressed cork.

Natural cork holds advantages from many sides. The quality is not only durable, but also ensures comfort and ease of use. Another advantage of natural cork on the shuttlecock pedestal can also be found in the shot feeling which is better than other types of cork.

In addition to natural cork, manufacturers also choose an alternative synthetic cork as a substitute for natural cork. The price of natural cork raw materials is getting higher, so shuttlecocks with synthetic cork are increasingly mushrooming. From the looks of it, you may find it difficult to tell the difference between natural and synthetic cork. However, for its own performance, synthetic cork is not as good as natural cork.

In addition to natural and synthetic cork, there is another alternative that is no less good in the form of compressed cork. This type of cork is made from the remnants of natural cork. The characteristics of this cork is a rough surface and durability that is not strong enough. Some manufacturers also produce shuttlecocks by combining synthetic cork and compressed cork for better durability.

3. Check the speed of each shuttlecock

The playing environment also affects the shuttlecock used. In windy areas such as coastal areas or open fields, shuttlecocks with a slow speed and light weight will be easily pushed by the wind. On the other hand, in a closed room, a light and fast shuttlecock will spoil the comfort.

In this case, you have to check the speed number on the shuttlecock you want to buy. Generally, the speed number of a shuttlecock ranges from 75 – 79. The larger the number, the higher the shuttlecock speed, which affects the player's playing performance when used in warm areas or indoor rooms.

Top 10 shuttlecock recommendations

After understanding the tips that we have explained earlier, of course you will avoid mistakes during the selection process. For that, here you can see the ten best shuttlecock choices recommended by Tomslead that you can use as a reference. Happy choosing!

1. Green Samurai Shuttlecocks

Best Green Samurai Shuttlecocks
Green Samurai Shuttlecocks

Indonesian badminton fans, of course, are familiar with this brand. 
Samurai has developed its products with good quality. Players can not only play comfortably, but display their best performance thanks to the support implemented through this product.

This shuttlecock is made of nylon feathers. Maybe not very durable, but the affordable price can be a reason to buy it. In addition, this product is also ideal for use in both closed and open spaces as long as it is not windy.

2. Victor Shuttlecocks Gold

Victor Shuttlecocks Gold
Victor Shuttlecocks Gold

Victor produces this shuttlecock at a fairly affordable price compared to other collections. 
With a speed number of 77, this shuttlecock can fly at medium speed. If you want to play badminton in areas that are quite windy, such as in coastal areas, this product guarantees your comfort in playing.

Despite the high speed, Victor does not use materials that cause the shuttlecock's weight to be heavy so it is prone to breaking the strings quickly. According to Victor himself, this design product has grade A so you don't have to doubt its quality, both in terms of durability and performance.

3. Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 2

Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 2
Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 2

Yonex has long been in the sports industry, especially badminton. 
This brand has launched a large collection of shuttlecocks, one of which is Aerosensa 2. This shuttlecock is made of goose feathers that can fly stably in the air or fall at the desired target point.

You don't need more effort to hit it because this shuttlecock is quite good at receiving the pounding of the racket. Yonex formulated this shuttlecock together with experts with the help of the latest technology so that the quality is guaranteed. In fact, so good, this Yonex shuttleock has been used at the 2012 London Olympics, you know!

4. Yonex Shuttlecocks League 5

Yonex Shuttlecocks League 5
Yonex Shuttlecocks League 5

We pretty much recommend Yonex shuttlecocks in this article. 
You certainly do not want to get a poor quality product, right? For this reason, only choose products that are produced from popular brands. At this point, you will be introduced to League 5 which is also still the same factory as the previous product.

This Yonex shuttlecock is also made of goose feathers which has a speed number of 77. You can use this shuttlecock to practice or just sweat it out with your office mates. Speaking of quality, this product should be used as an alternative that is no less good than the Aerosensa 2 series, but at a more affordable price!

5. Yonex Shuttlecocks Aero Club TR

Yonex Shuttlecocks Aero Club TR
Yonex Shuttlecocks Aero Club TR

Are you a committee that wants to hold a badminton event between your home, campus, or office? 
This shuttlecock from Yonex can be chosen as the shuttle of choice. The feathers are made from a combination of goose feathers and duck feathers so that they are durable enough to be used in all games, both training and official matches.

The bottom is made of environmentally friendly composite cork, ensuring its durability even though it is often hit hard. Yonex explained that this product is able to fly stably when players are playing, especially when players are competing in long loops. If you need an affordable alternative to official matches, go for this shuttlecock.

6. Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 50

Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 50
Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 50

In the Aerosensa 50 series, Yonex prioritizes quality and extremely tough performance. 
You could say that this is the best collection of shuttlecocks from Yonex. Although sold at inflated prices, this product has an A+ rating which means it is very tough and durable.

The tough quality of this product makes it the shuttlecock of choice in many prestigious badminton tournaments around the world, such as the Thomas Uber Cup, Indonesia Open, and Yonex Japan Open. For example, you are quite independent about finances and want to get extra comfort, have this product!

7. Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 40

Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 40
Yonex Shuttlecocks Aerosensa 40

The quality of the Yonex Aerosensa 40 is one level below the Yonex Aerosensa 50 in the previous point. 
Questioning the quality, of course this product deserves thumbs up. Yonex includes this collection with an A in terms of durability. Even though it's one level different, you still get satisfaction while playing.

This shuttlecock is ideal for use in a variety of environmental conditions. You can get accurate shots when using this product. If you want to hold an official match with a fairly expensive registration fee, you can buy this product as the main shuttlecock used by participants.

8. Yonex Shuttlecocks Mavis 2000 6-in-1

Yonex Shuttlecocks Mavis 2000 6-in-1
Yonex Shuttlecocks Mavis 2000 6-in-1

The Mavis 2000 is a shuttlecock that has been in production for almost a decade. 
The main body is made of premium nylon material which is 5x better and resistant than ordinary nylon shuttlecocks. In other words, the durability of this shuttlecock is close to that of a shuttlecock made from goose or duck feathers.

If you are constrained about the budget, Yonex will not make you switch to looking at products from other brands. The reason is, you can already buy this shuttlecock only by preparing 100 thousand funds. With an A value in terms of flight in the air, of course you will find it easier to control as well as receive the opponent's attack.

9. Victor Shuttlecocks Master No. 3

Victor Shuttlecocks Master No 3
Victor Shuttlecocks Master No 3

The quality of the goose feathers that are evenly distributed is the main point that you should consider from a shuttlecock. 
Victor Master No. 3 itself is a shuttlecock that uses goose feathers. Because it is made of goose feathers, its durability and stability when floating in the air is very good.

This product has obtained official certification from BWF (Badminwon World Federation) so it is widely used for various official matches, both on a small or large scale. The speed number of this shuttlecock is 77, suitable for use in open areas or closed fields.

10. Gadjah Mada Shuttlecocks

Gadjah Mada Shuttlecocks
Gadjah Mada Shuttlecocks

If you are looking for a cheap shuttlecock that is durable and has medium speed, then the product from Gadjah Mada is the choice. 
At first, the materials used by Gadjah Mada to produce this shuttlecock came from chicken feathers, goose feathers, and finally duck feathers as an alternative to reduce selling prices for consumers.

The durability of duck feathers is close to that of goose feathers so you don't have to provide a shuttlecock of up to 2 slides for one play. You can also use this product not only for reasons of price or good quality, but because it is produced by a domestic manufacturer, you can also be proud of locally made products.


You have arrived at the end of the article, congratulations! Have you found the best shuttlecock that interests you the most? Use the shuttlecock according to the needs of the game and also pay attention to the environmental conditions in which you play. In addition, it is also important to prioritize products that have a long durability if you don't want to buy shuttlecocks back and forth, which at the same time makes you more wasteful.

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