10 Recommended Gifts for Dads (Lates 2022)

TOMSLEAD – Appreciation for parents can be done in various ways, including by giving gifts to fathers. Gifts, or gifts in this case, can be given on special occasions, such as birthday celebrations, Father’s Day celebrations, or other desired moments. It doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are lots of cheap gift ideas that are still good and useful.

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Receiving a special gift from a child will certainly have a deep meaning for the father. He will also feel infinitely happy because he feels the love conveyed by his child through the gift. Therefore, don’t forget to set aside a little fortune to give gifts to your beloved father.

Tips for Choosing a Gift for Dad

When choosing a gift for dad, we, as children, definitely want to give the best. But not infrequently, we also feel confused when determining what gift to give the father. There are so many gift options for dads that we can choose from, and it can be hard to choose one of these options.

In fact, you can simply ask your dad for a special gift he wants, and just give him what he asked for if that’s possible.

Even so, sometimes fathers will feel shy or sometimes confused about what they want. Regarding this, you don’t need to worry, because here are tips for choosing a gift for your beloved father.

1. Choose according to his hobby

If the father is not so sure of what he wants, then you can choose a gift related to his hobby. Regarding this one thing, of course you are quite familiar with the hobbies of your father, right?

For example, if your dad likes gardening, then a plant sprayer would be a good idea. Another example is that if dad likes to go fishing, then the right gift for him is a fishing rod.

2. Choose the one that suits his job.

If the father does not have a specific hobby that he likes so much, or even if the equipment that supports his hobby is complete enough, then the next option that can be considered in choosing a gift for his father is to choose a gift that suits his job.

For example, if the father is an office worker, then give him a gift in the form of a specially made ballpoint pen with his father’s name engraved or engraved on it.

3. Adjust the budget

This next tip is quite important when you want to determine the right gift for your beloved father. There are so many choices of gifts with various price variations, ranging from cheap or even free, to those that are priced at fantastic prices.

In this regard, choose a gift for your father at a price that fits your budget. Another option that can be considered if the price of the gift is quite expensive is to do a joint venture with brothers and sisters.

4. Add a little surprise

For an unforgettable moment, you can be creative by adding a surprise along with the gift given to your beloved father. In this case, you can insert a self-written letter expressing love and gratitude to the father. In addition, you can also prepare a surprise party with your family when giving a gift to the father.

10 Recommended Gifts for Dad


After knowing the tips for choosing a gift for dad, you need to think about what gift ideas are right for dad. There is no need to be confused anymore about deciding. Here, tomslead.com provides inspiration for special gifts from children to fathers that can be a reference for you.

1. Worship Supplies

Recommended Gifts for Dads Worship Supplies
Worship Supplies

The idea of ​​a gift for the first father can be said to be quite common and is always a mainstay when a child wants to give a gift to a father figure he respects and loves. Getting a gift in the form of worship equipment will certainly make the father even more excited to worship, especially if he remembers that it is a gift from the child he loves.

For those who are Muslim, gifts for fathers can be given in the form of koko clothes or prayer mats. As for Christians, fathers will definitely feel happy when they are given a special new Bible by their beloved child.

2. Watches

Recommended Gifts for Dads Watches

Watches are one of the items most often used by gentlemen. Therefore, a watch can be the right choice as a gift for a father. Giving a special gift in the form of a watch will not only make the father look cooler but can also be a time reminder, which is certainly very useful for him.

There is no need for an expensive watch that costs hundreds of millions. As long as the clock can function properly, the benefits provided will certainly be the same. But of course, if the budget is sufficient, there is nothing wrong with giving good things to your beloved father. Regardless, whether it’s expensive or cheap, this gift for the father can help the father become a more disciplined person in his daily life and better able to divide his time between work and family.

3. Bicycle Ontel

Recommended Gifts for Dads  Bicycle Ontel
Bicycle Ontel

The inspiration for the next gift for dad is quite unique. But believe me, this can be a favorite thing that the father has been waiting for because it will remind him of the times when he was a child or young. Especially if it’s not an ontel bike, which was popular in the late 1970s.

A unique gift can also be said to be a suitable gift for a retired father. Instead of spending time at home, this gift for father in the form of an ontel bicycle will take his father for a walk around the house, as well as exercise to keep the body healthy and fit in old age.

4. Reading Books

Recommended Gifts for Dads Reading Books
Reading Books

How many of us often give gifts to our fathers in the form of books? It seems quite rare to make reading books an option for gifts. In fact, reading books can not only drive away boredom, but more than that, they can add insight and sharpen thinking. For this reason, reading books can be the right choice as a gift for fathers, especially if the father is a fan of reading.

Unlike teenagers, adults, especially men, generally like non-fiction books. For that, buying non-fiction books such as biographies of his favorite characters, agricultural books, or other hobbies would certainly be better for the father. This book by his beloved child will certainly be very useful, especially as a companion to coffee and a snack in the morning.

5. Automatic Massage Tool 

Recommended Gifts for Dads Automatic Massage Tool 
Automatic Massage Tool 

Over time, the father will reach an age that is not young anymore. That means it will be easier for him to feel tired, achy, and tired after a day of work and activities. If it’s like this, a gift for dad in the form of an automatic massager will be very useful in getting rid of feelings of tiredness and fatigue he experiences.

With the presence of an automatic massager, the father does not have to bother looking for a masseuse when he wants to relieve the fatigue he is experiencing. With just one press, the feeling of soreness will disappear with this automatic massager. Well, if you have more budget, buying a more advanced version, namely a massage chair as a gift for dad, would be even better.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Recommended Gifts for Dads Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker

The next gift idea for dad to consider, especially for a retired dad, is a bluetooth speaker. In retirement, he usually does not do much activity at home. With the Bluetooth speaker, the father can relax while enjoying his favorite music.

In addition, the father also usually likes to listen to religious verses, sermons, and lectures to deepen his religious beliefs. Given the uncomplicated installation process, this gift for dad in the form of a bluetooth speaker will be very useful as entertainment and other necessities to fill his retired father’s spare time.

7. Automatic Tension Device

Recommended Gifts for Dads Automatic Tension Device
Automatic Tension Device

Still related to a gift for your beloved father in the form of an electronic device, the next choice you can make is an automatic blood pressure device. This gift is suitable for mothers and fathers who have a history of hypertension so that the health of their children can be monitored properly at all times.

Currently, there are many automatic tensioner products produced by various brands. Automatic blood pressure devices on the market are able to accurately measure a person’s blood pressure. In addition, its use is quite simple and anti-complicated, where users only need to click once and then the results will be displayed digitally. Of course, the usefulness of this gift for a father is unquestionable.

8. Cost of Worship to the Holy Land

Gift for Father Cost of worship to the holy land

For Muslim parents, the biggest wish that they always want to fulfill is to visit the holy land of Mecca to carry out the 5th pillar of Islam, namely “pilgrimage if you can’. This gift for this father certainly requires a large amount of funds, especially because the transportation and accommodation costs are quite expensive.

If you have sustenance, then there is no harm in realizing this dream as a gift for your father and mother. As another option, you can also invite your siblings to join together to realize the desire to worship this holy land for both parents. This gift for a father can also be a form of child devotion to parents, as is always taught in Islam.

9. Investment

Recommended Gifts for Dads Investment

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of investing. In this case, investing in assets will be very important to ensure a safer, calmer, and more comfortable future. For this reason, the next gift idea for fathers that can be considered is an investment.

This investment is much better compared to giving cash, whose value can be reduced due to inflation. There are many investment instruments to choose from, ranging from stocks, mutual funds, gold, and property. Everything can be adjusted to the wishes or needs of the beloved father.

10. Childhood Photo Album

Recommended Gifts for Dads Childhood Photo Album
Childhood Photo Album

For a father, nothing is more important in this world than his son. For him, the times with his child are the best times in his life that he always wants to remember. Well, for that, the next gift idea for dad that you can give during a special moment is a childhood photo album.

Giving a gift to a father in the form of a childhood photo album can be the best means for the father to remember and capture the most beautiful moments in his life that will never be repeated. Even though it is on a low budget and fairly simple, this special gift idea is actually very unique and certainly has a deep meaning.

Simple Ways to Show Love to Dad

Giving gifts to Dad is just one of the many ways that can be done to express our love for him. There are many other options that we can use to express our gratitude for the sacrifices and love that have been given so far. As for some ideas that you can try, they are as follows.

1. Visit him regularly

If you are not currently living with your parents, then the way to show affection can be done by visiting the father often. It doesn’t need to be every day, but regular visits every week will be a very effective antidote to longing for the sake of treating the father’s longing for his child.

2. Caring for when sick and old

The affection of a child for his father can also be shown by the care given when the hero falls ill or is old. This can also be a good time to return the favor to the father who has cared for us since childhood.

3. Saying directly with sincerity

Apart from actions, sometimes expressing affection for a father can be done directly through speech. Have you expressed gratitude and thanks to the father all this time? Even though parents never demand anything in return, let alone gratitude, of course there is nothing wrong with doing this.

4. Respect his point of

view Our views with the father may not always be in line and in sync. This can be caused by many factors, including the differences in the times that a father and son go through. Apart from that, it is important for us as children to always respect the point of view of parents as a form of affection.

5. Cooking favorite foods

Expressions of love and affection can also be channeled well through food. When celebrating special moments with his father, try to cook his favorite food and sit down together to enjoy the special dish with his beloved father.


A father is an important figure who is always present in our lives. With his burning spirit, he earns a living to provide for and make his family happy. Just like a mother, a father’s love is truly never ending all the time. Giving gifts to your dad at every special moment is just one of the many ways that can be done to repay his services and affection.

If you want to celebrate a special moment by giving a gift to your father, don’t forget to stick to the tips described above. In addition, if you are still confused about the choice of the right product for a special father’s gift, the recommendations above can be an alternative to consider.

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